Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A young mom.

Being a young mother is tough. I'm 20 years old and technically not a teenager, but I still get looks & even had a lady tell me "babies having babies". Life is tough and its shit you just have to deal with. When I go to the grocery store or to target with my mom I feel that everyone around me thinks "Wow, shes to young to care for that baby, I bet her mom takes care of the baby and still takes care of her daughter". Obviously its all in my head, but I cant help but feel that way.

I love being a mother, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm actually glad I had her young (when I was 19), I have the energy to play with her.

Being in the position I am in now has made me look at things in a positive way. I no longer judge people like I use to, of course I find my self doing it every once in awhile, It really is hard not to. But I know now, everyone has a story and you have no idea what theres is. Nor do I really care what it is. Just being honest here.

I realize living with my mom and step dad doesn't help my "being a young mom" cause, but would it be any different if I was 27 and married? I really don't think it does. We pay for the things we need. We don't depend on my parents to purchase her diapers, formula, food Etc. Although they often offer to or surprise us with little gifts for her. Its what grandparents do, they would do it regardless if we lived here or two hours away. Now I will say this, my mom spoils me. I'm her only daughter, with lots of "wants". So yes, she buys me a lot of things, but is someone forcing her? I also believe if I lived even four hours away she'd do the same. As she does with her other three children that don't live at home.

Feeling as if I have started to "ramble" or "rant" on about my young mom life. So I will end it like this: Don't judge any mother because you don't know her story. For all you know, you could think a mother is 15 but she could have a genetic disorder that makes her look 15 years younger!


  1. I am 20 years old and about to have my first child so I feel where you are coming from. The most satisfying thing to do is to prove those people wrong! They don't know you or your situation and they certainly aren't capable of judging you as a mother. Being a young mom is tough but, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. I would love to chat more with you if you ever need it! I am going to follow your blog and I hope you will do the same!

  2. Thanks Becca! Following you!! Being a young mom is tough sh*t! Im here if you ever need a fellow mommy to talk to, cause i've "been there done that!"