Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mom body.

"Oh you'll get your body back, your young!"

Seriously? Who are you kidding? Getting your body back happens to those "lucky" girls. You know the kind of girl that can where a bikini, all while holding a 3 day old little bundle of joy.

Now let me tell you, I am far from being a lucky girl. However I did loose 25 pounds since Cambria has been born. (Not counting the weight I was before giving birth, I truly lost 25 pounds all by my self!)

I started to give up, loose all hope on EVER being sexy again. But maybe I am becoming one of these "lucky" girls. My husband is a HUGE motivation for me. He realizes how low I am about the way I look, so he is "on my butt" about going to the gym everyday (although today will be my 2nd day) & eating right.

I am willing to do anything to fit back in to my size 1 jeans. Will that ever happen again? I doubt it. I am way to dependent on my starbucks. Not to mention I have MOM written all over me, my teenage years are gone. BRING ON THE MOM JEANS!

The moral of this post?....People are just being nice when they say you will get your body back. You will always have a mom body. Because you will always have a kid attached to your hip.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Growing up.

Its hard watching my baby girl growing up. My once 7.12 pound baby is now over 20 pounds and is soon to be one. I understand why people keep popping out babies like its nothing. But honestly, I'm happy with just one. I'm here for all her milestones, and I can give her more of my time for her whole life. Instead of sharing it with a sibling. Does that make ME selfish? Maybe. But that's okay. She can have a dog. ;). Perhaps we will adopt a little boy in the FAR future. But even that is a huge maybe. I only want to love my child, and her only. (oh, and my husband!)

My handsome husband and baby girl on her 11 month b-day (it was a friends wedding!)