Friday, March 4, 2011

Every mom has a story.

I can't remember the last time I looked sexy. Wearing tight pants that hugged my ass oh so perfectly with a top that showed the world, I'M BOSS. As I sit and type this I have snot on my sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt that, well, don't even get me started what stains this has encountered. But its worth it, we just don't know it yet.

This is a blog by me, a loving mother to a beautiful 9 month old little girl (in 2 days!). I'll share my ups & downs with the internet world, just to show how tough and great it is, to be a mom.

I'll start off telling a little about myself and my "awesome" life:
I go by the name of Kassi (or mama). I'm 20 years old and married to a very handsome man. Together we have possibly one of the cutest little girls this world has ever seen. God was being very generous when he gave her all this charm. Her name is Cambria Aurora, she was born June 6th 2010. My career goal in life is being put on hold for the moment, not because I have a baby. But because this stupid college changed the courses I needed to take in order to "meet the needs of others". I was not about to sit in a two hour class, 4 times a week to listen to Spanish, a language very much foreign to me. So an awesome preschool (or day care provider!) will have to wait a little longer to enrich young minds. My husband and I live with my mother and her boyfriend (who I will, from now on, refer to him as my step-dad) in order to save up money to get our own place. Although we could "survive and afford" living on our own. My mother and step father wouldn't want us living pay check to pay check. So now this cyber world nows my life.

This is my little family. My husband, Jeremy & Daughter. (she was 6 months in this picture).

I'm off to go and clean some more snot off of my daughters face, its love.

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  1. I love your page! i'm so happy to hear you're doing well- i can't wait to see you and that gorgeous baby of yours <3