Monday, March 7, 2011

My child is better than yours.

Parent's brag about every little thing there child does from walking to how there poop is.

"Well MY child's poop is firm, with a little mush to it, its easy to clean. I'd hate to have to clean a watery poop" As they ever so nicely look to the right at there friend who just announced her baby has water poop.

I'm guilty of it as well, although I don't brag about my daughters poop, I do announce it to the whole Facebook world each achievement my daughter reaches.

When your child reaches a milestone, or even half a milestone (my daughter is very good at that), we mothers feel like we accomplished something as well. Which I feel we do, we help our children develop in to who they will be in the future. If you never let your child explore the world of chunky foods, your child will be eating purees for the rest of his or her life. So when your child eats there first bite of banana chunks, you tell the world as you feel its the greatest thing imaginable.

Us mothers also do something else, we base what our kids do to other children around them. If they are the first to say a word, your child (in your eyes) automatically "Is better than the others and more advanced" While the other mothers around you are thinking "Well when is her baby going to start crawling?"

So to cut to the chase MY BABY IS BETTER THAN YOURS.


  1. LOL im not a mom, but your blog makes me laugh all the time!

  2. haha SO TRUE!! Sometimes its funny how competitive we can be with our children!

  3. I told my husband that being a mom is like a silent competition!!